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Valentine's Day and Single?

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Valentine’s Day is here and you are single. You are filled with absolute dread at the thought of being surrounded by all those happy couple.

While, the couples are commemorating the day by doing everything together, there is no reason why single people can’t celebrate too! Here are some suggestions on how you can happily spend the day today:

1. Stay off social media or any hashtag relating to Valentine’s Day for the entire day! Facebook-stalking your ex to see how he/she is celebrating with the new significant other is not going to make you feel happy or confident. You don’t need that kind of negativity.

2. Shower yourself with love: Put on your favourite pair of shoes with a killer outfit and go to work. Pamper yourself with a mani-pedi or cook your favourite meal. You can leave work early and go to the cinema, the museum or the beach. Anything that makes you happy.

3. Try something new. You can go zip lining, rock climbing or try a new hairstyle, exercise on a different trail, use a one-day pass at a different gym; opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

4. You can hand-write love letters to your family and friends telling them how much they mean to you. For those who think that writing anything is too tedious, send an email. The point is a personal piece of communication that tells them how much your relationship with them means to you.

5. Call your single girlfriends over to have wine and watch chick flicks. For the guys you can meet up at and share a couple of beers or meet on the field for a football match.

6. You can draw hearts on Post-it notes and stick them on the desks of all your co-workers in your department or some other variation of it.

7. Read……..yes I said it. Read! There are so many interesting books out there! Try one!

8. Spend time with your family. Go see your parents and/or your siblings. If you are all single, then have a family dinner.

9. Visit a children’s home and spend time with them, especially an orphanage or embark on some other charitable act.

10. Go outdoors! Go for a run, swimming, biking, kayaking, zip lining. There are a lot of options to choose from!

11. Catch up on your sleep. You can either sleep in or take a nap in the middle of the day.

12. Do you have nieces, nephews or god -children? Offer to take care of them so their parents can have a kids-free night out. Order pizza, watch movies, and eat too many sweets!

13. Events catering for singles are becoming popular. Do some research and find one to get all dressed up for and attend.

14. Spend the entire day binge watching your favourite series with a bag of popcorn. Alternatively, you can sit with some cold ones and watch sports all day.

15. Create a playlist with all the fun tunes you love and dance around your living room. Advantage of being single….you can do it in your underwear!

You are special, you are valuable and you matter. Treat yourself as the amazing human being that you are!


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