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What "Should" You Be Doing Now?

I've been seeing a lot of these "motivational" posts that have been shaming people who are not being more productive at this time. Someone asked me about it this week and my response to them was this: some days I wake up and I get up and at 'em, other days I eat cereal for lunch and the afternoon meets me in my pyjamas. And both are okay.

The reality is humans are not designed to be at one particular state all the time. That we should be constantly switched on in a state of 'busyiness' and non-stop doing is unnatural and unhealthy, especially in times of uncertainty. As humans, we need to move but we also need to rest.

Some of us are so addicted to moving that we are struggling now with the stillness and are trying to fill it up with projects and things to do lists. Others are so disconnected from ourselves and our families, that having to be with each other all the time is tedious so we fill up our days with activities to keep us busy yet still disconnected.

So what then should you be doing?

Truthfully, the only thing you "should" be doing is forgiving yourself, for beating up yourself, for not "being more productive" or whatever it is that you think you should be doing now. We are facing an uncertain future the likes we have never seen before and it is a terrifying thought. Do the best you can. The rest will come the way it always does: one day at a time.

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